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Ohio Debt Collection Lawyer

Dana & Pariser Co., L.P.A., Collection Lawyer Service handles consumer and commercial debt collection claims for the entire State of Ohio. Each debt collection lawyer in our firm including our collection staff aggressively collects your accounts receivable. Our firm adheres to all local, state and federal (FDCPA) debt collection laws when attempting to collect your Ohio debtors. As a debt collection lawyer service, we are highly regarded and respected in the field of collection law throughout the Ohio Collection Industry. 

Each debt collection lawyer at our firm has many years of experience in the successful collection of Ohio bad debt. Our debt collection lawyer service, including collectors and support personnel, strive to collect each and every debt placed with our firm and to do it in such a manner that is commensurate with the success and positive results that our clients have come to expect from us. Superior service is critical throughout the debt collection and litigation process when servicing our client's accounts receivable. Our clients deserve the very best in service and support that we can give them. Our Ohio debt collection lawyer service achieves the type of results you are looking for. The type of results that will make a difference in your bottom line. 

Although, we are a debt collection law firm, we have a full contingent of professional collectors and a team of customer service personnel to serve our clients. Our debt collection and litigation coverage area extends throughout the entire State of Ohio, which enables our firm to service all of your Ohio debt collection claims.  We are highly seasoned, motivated and prepared to design a collection campaign for the immediate  collection of your accounts receivable.

We are not a debt collection agency but are a debt collection lawyer service who can bring litigation against your debtors which aids in achieving a higher than average recovery ratio for our clients. Each debt collection lawyer, along with every member of our law office are dedicated and responsible professionals. We utilize best practices in all phases of the debt collection, litigation and support process to ensure your satisfaction with our services and to keep you as a valued client for many years to come.

Our Ohio debt collection lawyer service provides competitive rates, excellent service, support and results and we feel that makes us one of the better choices in the State of Ohio for the collection of your bad debt claims.  


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